Chlorwash for cleansing / disinfecting all egg type shell surfaces

CHLORWASH concentrate is a chlorine based detergent powder for use in the primary stages of all MST machines or for general usage for cleansing / disinfecting all egg type shell surfaces . Highly effective in releasing debris and kill rate of micro organisms from the shell of the egg making it effective and safe as an egg sanitation chemical, with excellent 2 year storage properties.

CHLORWASH is easy to use (sealed 10Kg), in multiples of 44lbs/20Kg and 110lbs/50Kg.

Pack size 20kg & 50kg: 50kg sufficient for about 1 million eggs using Surfactant and disinfectant cleansing without cuticle removal.

NOTE: pH sensors not fitted to MST machines classified as unreliable

Test your disinfection process with our Chemical Monitoring kit.

Final sanitation of eggs: Quat800

QUAT-800 : 20 litres sufficient for about 1.5 million eggs (pure non recycled application with residual ability)

QUAT-800 a quaternary ammonia based product for use as the final sanitation in the process or may be used as a single application to mist / atom spray all breeder eggs during automated transfer. QUAT-800 is easy to use and store.

Packed in 4 x 1 gallon (20 litre packs). Pack size 4x5 litres

Control foam in your MST egg processing

Generally for used within commercial and game egg processing or to control foam in tray wash systems.

High Quality concentrate without any effect to shell or content.

Pack size 1 litre / 25 litres (5 gall) - use according to requiremnets

Food Grade Egg Oil, Applied to the outer shell surface as an optional application to retard de hydration of contents during storage to point of sale. Usage@ 1/3 gall - 1.5liter / hour (on clients conveyor line - or MST supplied line).

This is only for the purpose of replacing any cuticle that may have been adversely removed during production operations - pre cleaned eggs with brushes - incorrect systems or use of incorrect chemicals.

May also be used to to reduce natural dehydration during storage.

Pack size 4 x 55 US galls (4 x 172 litres) per pallet. (1 litre sufficient to process about 4 thousand eggs).

Cuticle and egg shell structure testing with Cuticle Blue

Cuticle Blue - A cuticle sensitive product to enable simple quick testing of cuticle and shell structure.

Find out and validate if eggs are being miss-handled in your processing by sampling inspection.

Results in 1 minute: (submerse test egg, rinse and its ready for analysis)

Supplied powder form (add water after shipping and ready for use)

Pack size 1 litre / 5 litres / 25 litres. (1 litre sufficient to test about 1 thousand eggs)