Gladiator Range

The natural choice for the larger producers demanding ultimate egg presentation quality. The GLADIATOR is our largest egg washer capable of processing very large volumes of commercial / table eggs.

Ideal for Egg Packing Rooms.

WASH - RINSE - DRY (ALL or Selected EGGS)

CLEAN TABLE EGGS 80,000 to 120,000 eggs/hour on roller conveyor

The GLADIATOR is designed to ensure that eggs are cleaned without any damage to the natural egg structure to minimise microbial counts and  surface contamination. Designed for in-line use between the gathering belt and the grader / packer.

  • 4000 control system
  • Auto Fill (Wash Tank)
  • Accumulator to feed eggs from gathering belt to GLADIATOR.
  • Drying system.
  • Variable speed conveyor with a maximum speed of 4.25 M/minute (flexible to suit your daily requirements)
  • Fume extraction canopy.
  • 27KW oil or gas boiler
  • Chemical monitoring system
  • MST engineer commissioning (if requested)

Gladiator 18 - up to 86,400 eggs / 240 cases an hour

Gladiator 21 - up to 120,600 eggs / 335 cases an hour


  • 'Micro Mist Oiling' to retard dehydration and enhance the visual / appearance 'egg external quality' - oiling requires an additional 1M length as an option incorporated within the DRYING CONVEYOR (after Drying) operation when eggs are processed) includes 3kw air compressor (or use of local supply if available). Nominal oil usage @ 1.5Ltr / hour treating all egg volume through put.
  • MST do not advocate the use of brushing eggs but can be supplied where the cuticle is not compromised i.e (on egg breaking lines) or according to client preference.