Series 3 Range

LARGE VOLUME: Egg Sanitation with cleaning ability.

To process between 9,000 & 48000 Breeder or Table eggs on setter trays.


Larger sized machines for higher production throughput on breeder farms, hatcheries or vaccine production. A very cost-effective system capable of providing maximum bio-security for breeder eggs and treating the tray in one operation.

All machines (except the basic model) supplied with 4000 electronic control system to give exact temperature control, and have 2 pre clean (with sanitize capabilities) tanks to ensure good cleaning ability in addition to the sanitize section.

Series 3 Range Series 3 Range
Series 3 4000 Standardup to 9,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays up to 13inches/33cm. wide
Series 3 4000 Wideup to 12,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays up to 20inches/51cm. wide
Series 3 4000 Twin Track Standardup to 18,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays up to 13inches/33cm
4000 controls
simple servicability
Series 3 4000 Wide Twin Track up to 24,000 hatching eggs per hour on trays up to 20inches / 51cm wide.
Machines are fitted with 5rpm (1 metre per minute) conveyor speed motor.
A 2.5rpm conveyor motor can be supplied for dealing with excessively dirty eggs which will halve the speed of the belt and also throughput. The Normal 5rpm speed processes 8,000 to 24,000 eggs an hour

For cleaner eggs a 10rpm conveyor motor can be supplied giving a belt speed of 2 metres per minute and doubling throughput, for example 48,000 eggs per hour with a SERIES 3-4000 TWIN TRACK. Both "on" and "off" conveyors measure 4feet/120cm with the main body of the machine also measuring 4feet/120cm
Automated systems for inline operation fitted with variable speed and interactive control. (May require additional ON conveyor to elevate eggs trays to MST machine working level)
Fume ExtractorOn and Off (machine entry / exit points
Stainless SteelMain body construction
Open Track SSAdjustable width Stainless Steel  'OPEN' track SPAN tray edge supported conveyor
6 x Roller ConveyingEggs rotated individually on rollers through the various stages
Accumulator(for roller option) To separate random eggs in roller pitch line
Extra Wash PumpAdditional cleaning power for very dirty / duck eggs
Variable SpeedInverter speed control - Pre settable (Hi - Low )
Fan DryingDrying Fan mounted on stand 80% removal
Ceramic HeatersHigh chemical resistant heaters for cuticle stripping operation - duck eggs