Sideliner Range

Our mid-sized egg washing machine is called the Sideliner. There are seven versions of this flexible machine capable of washing from 2,000 - 56,000 eggs per hour.

WASH - RINSE - DRY (all or selected eggs)

Ideal for Egg Packing Rooms, new projects or introduction into existing facilities.

ModelProcessing SpeedImage
Sideliner 1Up to 2,000 eggs an hourSideliner 1
Sideliner 2Up to 4,000 eggs an hour
Sideliner 3Up to 6,000 eggs an hour
  • Machines are supplied as INLINE / ALONGSIDE or COMPACT 180 (with extended option pitch) to suit feed / packer conveyor
  • Mirror image (LH or RH) ether if INLINE or 180 Compact always ensures it can be positioned and placed to suit your site facility operation precisely!
  • All eggs are returned back to the main line automatically without additional handling
  • All machines facilitate egg height adjustments - fine levelling +/- 3cm (1") :
  • Machine working Egg Height ''INLINE / ALONGSIDE'' @ 99cm / 38.5" with adjustable OFF conveyor ( +/- 10cm/4")
  • Machine working Egg Height ''COMPACT 180'' @ 105cm / 41.5" with adjustable OFF conveyor ( +/- 10cm/4")
  • Alternative '' Main working Egg Height'' - Can be increased to suit clients existing packing line.
ModelProcessing SpeedImage
Sideliner 4Up to 12,000 eggs an hourSideliner 4
Sideliner 5Up to 16,000 eggs an hour
  • As Sideliner 1-3 plus ....
  • Gladiator Conveyer Motor system
ModelProcessing SpeedImage
Sideliner 6Up to 28,000 eggs an hourSideliner 6
Sideliner 7Up to 56,000 eggs an hour
  • Features as Sideliner 4-5 plus .....
  • AUTO FILL main wash tank fills to operation level prior to next usage
  • Economical Boiler WASH Heating System - minimize electrical power requirement
  • 6000 controls (wash and rinse)
  • 5000 controls (optional upgrade)
On Feed 'Gravity'14" (35cm) long or 21" (53cm) long (width according to model type)
Pivot Loading TrayTransparent loading tray that allows the operator to load selected eggs across to MST machine, reaching part over the clients main egg conveyor.Pivot Tray
Auto FillAvailable on all wash tank fills to operation level prior to next usage. STANDARD ISSUE ON SIDELINER 6 - 7
Roller (processing)Eggs rotated individually on rollers through the various stages.
Only available with IN LINE format.
Sideliner 4 with triple rollers
AccumulatorTo align eggs from the clients conveyor onto the MST machine (+ 0.5M long) with accumulator # x roller option (according to model) - inline. Only in conjunction with roller option.Accumulator
Egg Oiling'Micro Mist Oiling' to retard dehydration and enhance the visual / appearance 'egg external quality' - (Oiling requires and uses an additional 1M length after the drying operation when eggs are processed)
Digital 6000TEMPERATURE CONTROL for product types requiring the extra fine temperature control. (Wash Section option) It will activate heating within 1o C with a digital display of the actual temperature.6000 Digital
5000 ControlsDigital temperature control egg processing with additional level and temperature restrictions in operation.5000 Controls
BrushesTwin Rotating system - located 'Mid Wash Point'
MST do not advocate the use of 'brushing assisted cleaning of eggs' but can be supplied where the cuticle may be compromised (forwarding to 'egg breaking lines' or according to client preference.
Extra Drying FanMay be included as an extra on the MST off conveyor (subject to additional ordered length) and / or for mounted on the clients return line.Additional drying fan
Gladiator MotorHeavy duty, Gladiator Conveyor Motor upgrade (variable 0- 25RPM) - Standard issue SIDELINER 4 - 7
Custom ConveyorsCustomized and route selected eggs (Culled egg placed directly on the conveyor - Directed MST machine and automatically replaced back on the main conveyor for re-inspection. Custom Conveyors