Drysan Range

The Drysan is available in a range of capacities;

Drysan 9x1
Time to disinfect 30m3 (98.5ft3)40 mins
Maximum Fill4.65 litres /
1.228 US gallons
Min to Max2.2 litres /
0.581 US gallons
Usage3.3 litres/hr /
0.871 US gallons/hr
Size43 x 38.5 x 104cm
Drysan 9x2
Time to disinfect 50m3 (1765ft3)30 mins
Maximum Fill6.13 litres /
1.6 US gallons
Min to Max3.13 litres /
0.827 US gallons
Dead Solution2.66 litres /
0.7 US gallons
Output5.83 litres/hr /
1.54 US gallons/hr
Size69 x 38.5 x 102cm
27.25" x 15.25" x 40.25"
Drysan 9x3
Time to disinfect 50m3 (1765ft3)10 mins
Maximum Fill9.2 litres /
2.43 US gallons
Min to Max4.7 litres /
1.24 US gallons
Dead Solution4 litres /
1.06 US gallons
Output8.75 litres/hr /
2.31 US gallons/hr
Size87 x 38.5 x 102cm
34.25" x 15.25" x 40.25"
Drysan 9x6
Time to disinfect 50m3 (1765ft3)5 mins
Maximum Fill18.4 litres /
4.86 US gallons
Min to Max9.4 litres /
2.48 US gallons
Dead Solution8 litres /
2.11 US gallons
Output15.5 litres/hr /
4.1 US gallons/hr
Size150 x 38.5 x 102cm
59" x 15.25" X 40.25"
Drysan 9x10
Time to disinfect 50m3 (1765ft3)
Maximum Fill
Min to Max
Dead Solution

The continued development in the DRYSAN RANGE now offers even greater range of applications with the main machine structure in Stainless Steel, allowing a range of applications in specific hygiene control environments.

MST DRYSAN generates a fine ‘DRY’ ultrasonic particle reaching and disinfecting ALL contact surfaces within enclosed control areas.

* = Subject to chemical viscosity and characteristics, using any usable (non oil base) disinfectant that fulfils individual specific control requirements.

Drysan Usage:

  • Egg holding rooms for the sanitation of breeder eggs (The practice of fumigation is becoming more restrictive as international regulating authorities worldwide are prohibiting its usage)
  • Areas of bio-security concern that treats both product and contact surfaces with the appropriate chemicals
  • Humidity control for ‘fine’ dry application

DRYSAN (other advantages) save up to 90% chemical application cost - using this very fine and economical method of application.

Model Selection:

  • Select the model that will service your volume requirement within 0 to 40 minutes, or less.

Suitability for both internal and external applications.

''Stainless Steel'' Atomizing system UPDATE and main machine body to ensure greater durability in chemicals PH range selection.

All EC models fitted with sealed motor-fan / swivel castors / timer.

End of Application: vent the room or allow for dissipation of chemical (depending on type used).

Daily : Empty and Rinse inside (with clean potable water) to avoid 'film' or chemical deposit 'build up' that can effect the efficiency of operation.

Some of the chemicals as used to date:

  • VIROCID® usage 20%
  • VIRKON TDX @ 20%

MST 'DRYSAN' machines have been specifically developed to enable an effective and safer alternative to fumigation with formaldehyde.

The effect on weight loss during incubation and hatchery results was monitored as well. The overall impression is that disinfection with Drysan + VIROCID 1:5 solution is giving comparable results with formalin.